Ring of Fire Live

Ring of Fire Live is a production set to recreate the sound and style of Johnny Cash. This show will take you back to the early 50s when Cash was just hitting the scene with his razor-sharp sound and lightning fast playing.

Ring of Fire Live is comprised of some of the best musicians that Dallas has to offer. In an effort to stay true to that Cash "sound," we only use a three piece band comprised of drums, bass, and guitar.

David Allen as Johnny Cash

David Allen from Dallas, TX began his singing career about 16 years ago as an Elvis Presley Tribute Artist. He currently still performs as Elvis and is ranked in the top ten in the world by Elvis Presley Enterprises, but David decided to expand his musical career after being told countless times that he has a knack for sounding just like Johnny Cash. About a year ago David dove right in to his tribute to Johnny Cash and it has quickly risen in popularity.

Cheryl Allen as June Carter

Marcus Hurst - Drummer

John Cundiff - Bass Guitarist